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Ak Enèji Pwòp, klere Ayiti se plòp plòp! is your source for delivering clean, efficient energy products to friends and family in Haiti.

Did you know that the average Haitian household spends US$10 per month on kerosene and candle lighting, US$4 per month on cell phone charging, and US$20 per month on charcoal for cooking? With products like the Lanp Enѐji Pwòp and the Sistem Soley 15W, you can help your friends and family save money, be more productive, live healthier lives, and reduce their impact on their environment. Check out our full collection of products on our Catalog page and decide which is best for your friends and family! 

Through our network of local entrepreneurs we provide access to our clean energy products across Haiti.  Please see the "Stores" section for more details on the locations of our Preferred Retailers and determine the best place for your recipient to pick up their items!  To learn more about the ordering process and find answers to other questions you may have check out the "How it Works" page.