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Meet our Team!

Anplwaye Enèji Pwòp la!


headshot YM.jpg


Yverose joined the Enèji Pwòp team in May 2014 initially joining the administrative team. In May 2016 she was promoted to Director of Operations. In this role she manages all administrative duties for the team and the grid. She chose to work with Enèji Pwòp so that she can work for a leading enterprise helping to improve people's way of life while learning and gaining more experience. She was born in Les Cayes and studied accounting at the University of Port-au-Prince. 

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Rachel joined Enèji Pwòp in 2012 as County Director, bringing to the team her experience managing business in Haiti. As President of Enèji Pwòp S.A., she oversees the expansion of the Enèji Pwòp brand nationally, works to streamline organizational practices, and oversees all Enèji Pwòp operations. She earned her BA (Hons) in International Studies and MSc in International Conflict from Kingston University.


Wendy joined the team in February 2016 as a Community Engagement Associate in Les Anglais, Haiti where she collaborates with stakeholders within and outside the organization for the promotion of microgrid development in Les Anglais and other communities selected as potential sites for microgrids. Before that she worked in the water and wastewater technology field and has been an active volunteer involved in prevention work for an HIV-AIDS NGO in her home country of Mauritius. Wendy holds a BEng (Hons) in Chemical and Environmental Engineering and an MSc in Project Management from the University of Mauritius. It is her passion for using engineering concepts to improve communities that has driven her interest in Enèji Pwòp's work in Haiti.



Rosane started working with Enèji Pwòp as a Retailer in 2012 and then took on the role of Recho Mirak Workshop Supervisor. She then started working as Grid Ambassador with the expanded Les Anglais microgrid. In this role she helps customers fill out their Enèji Pwòp forms and carries out other customer service duties. Before she worked with Enèji Pwòp, Rosane worked in the SONAPI industrial park in Port-au-Prince. She started her studies in Les Anglais but finished them in Port-au-Prince. Rosane says she likes all the services Enèji Pwòp offers in Haiti and would like for EP to develop other microgrids in other areas of Haiti. 



Pierre Carmelo was born in Les Anglais, in the South Department of Haiti. He has a degree in Residential and Industrial Electricity from the Centre d’Apprentissage des Cayes (CAC) and a degree in Developmental Science Université Polyvalente d’Haiti. He joined the Enèji Pwòp team in December 2016 as a Technician. His work includes helping customers with problems and checking meters. He likes working with Enèji Pwòp because it is participating in the development of Haiti especially in his home town. He hopes to help Enèji Pwòp become more efficient, profitable and provide even better service.  

Junior Bazile, Sales Manager South

Bazile first started working with Enèji Pwòp as a mobile retailer in September 2014. In March 2015 he was pleased to start working with Enèji Pwòp as Sales Manager for the Grand Sud. He was born in Camp Perrin in the South Department and studied computer science at the Pytech Professional Center at Sacred Heart school in Les Cayes. For one year he worked at the Notre Dame Mission Volontaire as a volunteer assistant. He likes working with Enèji Pwòp because there are a lot of people who need lighting that is clean and affordable and Enèji Pwòp reaches out to people in the hardest to reach areas of Haiti and receives a lot of appreciation for its work. 


bozil fritz, Security Guard

Beauzil was born in Les Anglais where he also went to school. In June 2016 he joined the Enèji Pwòp team as Security Guard on the micro-grid. Beauzil watches over and protects the generation system including the solar panels. Before he joined the team he worked as a security guard for a companies that worked on roads and before that as a security guard for the mayor of Les Anglais. He likes what Enèji Pwòp is doing for energy access in Haiti and wants to contribute to security so that Enèji Pwòp can move forward. 


Louis Adrien Forestal, Security Guard

Adrien joined the team in December 2014 as a Security Guard. He works to ensure the security of the micro grid generation system. Before working with Enèji Pwòp Adrien worked for UNOPS as a mason. He likes the works Enèji Pwòp is doing and congratulates them for the work they are doing in the energy domain in Haiti. 


Marie Grecia Cesar, Port-au-Prince Agent

Marie Grecia was born in Port-au-Prince and studied Administrative Sciences at the Institut Universitaire Quisqueya-Amerique (INUQUA) and Tourism and Hotel Management at INTEC. She joined the Enèji Pwòp team in March 2015. Previously, she worked at Carolina as a promotional agent and afterwards as a marketing agent at SODIPAL. At Enèji Pwòp she is in charge of supporting and training retailers and agents. She chose to work with Enèji Pwòp because she wanted to increase her knowledge and skills and help Haiti through protecting the environment. 

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DORVIL Noë, Marketing Associate

Noë started working with Enèji Pwòp as a Retailer in March 2013. Since June 2014, he has worked as a Marketing Associate in Port-au-Prince. This has helped him pay for daily expenses as well as save money to continue his education. He likes working with Enèji Pwòp team because he helps people understand how their lives can improve with clean energy. He looks forward to continuing to work with them until everyone knows about Enèji Pwòp. Noë was born in Hinche, Central Plateau.